I have had a love of stationery for as long as I can remember. With my wonderful mother being an advocate of snail mail early on – I grew up in a world where giving was incomplete without a personal touch. Every gift was followed with a hand-written ‘thank you’, every birthday party prompted by a crafty invitation. These special touches had become a core part of my upbringing, and have sparked an interest in me that has flowered into an absolute passion. 

Because no love story is the same, I take pride in serving a work of art that captures each genuine love, all while delivering a delicate suite that supports the well-being of our earth. When your guests hold your forever keepsake, they will feel the thoughtfulness, personality, and heartfelt design capturing not only your special day, but the moments leading up. When you hold your forever keepsake, it becomes an heirloom. An opportunity to re-live your wedding day, over and over again.

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Rubber Stamps FAQ

Rubber Stamps

May 12, 2021

01. How do I clean my stamp?
You can clean your stamp with a damp cloth and a little dish soap, or simply stamp on to a clean piece of scratch paper. Either of these methods will help reduce leftover ink. But no matter what, do not submerge your stamp in water!

02. Where should I store my stamp?
Your stamp can be stored on a clean, dry shelf or plastic drawer away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing your stamp in a cardboard box. Direct contact between rubber can dry your stamp out!

03. What type of ink pad should I purchase?
My favorite brand of ink is Versafine, which you can purchase directly from my etsy shop here! I love this ink – it’s ideal for stamps with finer details, and leaves a long lasting impression due to being an oil based ink. I think you’ll love it too!

04. How do I use my stamp?
Make sure you’re stamping on a flat, hard and smooth surface. Then turn your rubber stamp over in your hand so you can see the rubber. Meanwhile, turn your ink pad upside down in your other hand and tap lightly on the stamp with your ink pad. Once the ink is evenly distributed, flip your stamp over and press gently and evenly onto the stamping surface. never press your stamp into the ink pad. This can put ink in places where you don’t want it to go!

Have questions? Need help? Send me an email at designs@lavenacreativeco.com.
I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy stamping!

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